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U16&19 South Region selections

A huge thanks to all players for attending our South Region trials.

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for our long squads.


Em Beattie

Bessie Chalmers

Imogen Clayden

Lena Davies

Hannah Garside

Paige Hartley Buffham

Shanti Lohan

Coco Morley-Jessup

Eliza Morris

Naomi Newton

Izzy Plater

Catrin Rawstorne

Felicity Sheldon

Mia Waldren

Meabh Waters-Davies

Issy Whitfield


Anya Tuson - ACNC

Bethany Jones - Trinity

Casey Butler - Trinity

Ceci Bower - Matrix

Chloe Offer - Wallingford

Darcey Trotman - Trinity

Evelyn Hamilton - Trinity

Evie O'Gorman - Trinity

Felicity Rae-Welsh - Trinity

Hannah Sanderson - Trinity

Islay Miller - Kites

Jessica Warren - Kites

Josie White - Trinity

Libby Hopper - Kites

Megan Park - Kites

Poppy Dowling - Bicester Foxes

Rosie Staniland - ACNC

Sophie Dadson - Kites

Thanks to Oxfordshire Clubs for sending players to our trials, we're delighted to provide this opportunity to support player development across the county.

Now the hard work begins with training in preparation for the entry tournaments in the summer. #gogirls #trinitynetball


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