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Trinity 2020 Awards

Sadly due to CV19 our annual awards had to go virtual this year. Awards were announced live on Facebook, details of our award winners and special thanks can be seen below.

Club person of the year - Lex Beattie

Club contribution award - Jane Winnicott

U11 most improved - Abby Gooding

U11 player of the year - Lilla Blake

U13 most improved - Darcey Trotman

U13 player of the year - Felicity Ray-Walsh

U14 Bobcats most improved - Casey Butler U14 Bobcats player of the year - Catrin Rawstorn

U14 Wildcats most improved - Izzie Bristow U14 Wildcats player of the year - Shanti Lohan

U15 Wolves most improved - Kate Mellor U15 Wolves player of the year - Emily Rolington

U15 Bears most improved - Matilda Wyatt U15 Bears player of the year - Eve Struthers

U16 Regional most improved - Lily Cuthbert U16 Regional player of the year - Paige Hartley-Buffham

U17 most improved - Megan Rowles

U17 player(s) of the year - Annie Gracey & Eme Plater

U19 Trojans most improved - Freya Mizen U19 Trojans player of the year - Kathryn Geddes

U19 Trinity Oxford most improved - Cassie Walker U19 Trinity Oxford player of the year - Deanna Jacks

U19 Regional most improved - Tanika Sidpra & Emillie Beattie U19 Regional player of the year - Juliet Banks

Seniors most improved - Lois Jackson

Seniors player of the year - Lottie Hoskins

Massive thank you to the following volunteers, coaches and umpires this season. Without you, the club would not run.

Thank you to our coaches: Frankie, Debbie, Lex, Donna, Meggie, Jen, Jackie. Thank you to our umpires: Barb & Jill. Thank you to our volunteers: Teresa, Lisa, Jan & Ben

Well done to all the winners of our awards and we are sorry its not at the home of our sponsor Studley Wood Golf Club this season.

Our continued thanks to Ken and his team at Studley Wood for continuing to sponsor Trinity Netball Club.


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